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Founder of I-5

Dustin and I both have strong agricultural backgrounds, which heavily influenced the creation of I-5 Rural Marketing. Dustin, a true cowboy with a passion for rodeo and horses, grew up in Wyoming, dedicating countless hours to honing his skills forming a deep connection with equine.

On the other hand, I grew up on a farm in northwest Oklahoma, gaining a profound appreciation for cattle through showing them at fairs and working alongside my family. Combining our agricultural knowledge with modern marketing strategies, I founded I-5 Rural Marketing to bridge the gap between traditional rural living and digital success.

Furthermore, in April, we will be welcoming two little miracles into our lives. Leveraging our experiences in rodeo and livestock, I strive to provide tailored marketing solutions that bring the stories of rural businesses, such as the athleticism of rodeo horses and the dedication behind raising champion cattle, to life.

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A Small Agency with a Big Impact

We have been offering businesses and organizations with dependable, results-driven marketing and design services. From our headquarters in Texas, we service clients all over the country. Digital excellence is critical in today's market, regardless of industry. We help businesses make smart marketing decisions, and our effect can be seen across the US.  We provide personalized solutions that are suited to the vision and needs of each organization with which we collaborate. 

Customized Services and Solutions

I-5 specializes in creating a distinct digital presence for brands that are being lost in the crowd. We have you covered at every stage by developing a powerful and eye-catching web presence, engaging and capturing your audience at many touchpoints, and expressing the story of your business through spectacular images. 

What it's like to work with us.


Discovery Call

Book a free call to discuss your social media challenges, business' marketing needs and your goals for social media marketing.

Here we will get to know each other and you will learn my process for social media management.


Make it Official

Choose your package based on what we discuss in our call, sign the contract, and pay your first invoice. 


Strategy Creation

Our first monthly strategy call will happen within 14 days of contract signing. We will discuss the custom strategy I create for your business. In this we review content pillars, posting schedules, keywords, hashtags, your engagement strategy, and more.


Content Design

The last step is gathering content that you have or creating new content. Copywriting also happens at this stage. Whether you haave a newsletter, website, or we create copy from scratch, everything is written in your voice to create consistent brand recognition.

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